"I can honestly say I've had my first full restful night's sleep with these super soft comfy liners! I haven't had any annoying air leaks... I'm so happy with this product. It has made wearing this uncomfortable, necessary medical equipment bearable and so much more comfortable! Thank You!"

Stacie, Florida

"We tried everything we could think of to stop his mask from leaking. When I saw the Silent Night seal liner, I thought 'why not try it, we have nothing to lose and one is not that expensive'. So, we tried it and last night, I had my 6th night of uninterrupted sleep. I have already called and ordered 4 more and they came right away. Title this 'Best Sleep Ever!' Thank you for making these available to us."

Elizabeth, Tennessee

".... more nights with no problems, we are thrilled."

Follow-up from Elizabeth, Tennessee

Air Fit F20 air leaks dramatically reduced with Silent Night liners! Great comfort and I've had virtually NO air leaks! For me, these two products work great together!

- Bruce, Michigan

"Your product has been a God send, it makes the unbearable bearable."

Thomas, Pennsylvania

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"The liners make such a difference with the mask and a good night's sleep for my husband. So glad we found them!"

- Peggy from Nevada

"How nice you always are in solving problems for your customers like me. I have been ordering from you now for years and continue to enjoy the service that you provide."

- Pat from California

"Writing testimonials is not something that I normally do but I felt led to write one today..."

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"Silent Night CPAP liners are without question THE best I have ever tried. No flimsy fabric with these. They are very durable and actually adhere to the mask ending the aggravation of a liner constantly losing its place or folding at the edges. Five stars without question for the comfort they offer!"
- Christopher from Pennsylvannia

"These things have changed my life and my wife's. My BiPAP is set to very high pressure and these are the only decent liners we've found. They make a reliable seal that doesn't leak...and feels natural and comfortable.

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"(The liners) are great, very happy with them. I don't seem to get any leakage and (the liner) does not move."
- Dorothy, Sydney, Australia

“I started using this last night for the first time. Fantastic! I got the best sleep ever without the Mrs. poking me in the back, saying, 'mask leaking again.' Recommend to everyone.”
- David, United Kingdom

“I wish to send you high accolades and compliment you on your product. I have had to use a CPAP since 1994. As I 'age' I find I need a mask liner. I have tried ALL on the market - they are frankly ALL TRASH AND A WASTE OF MONEY- EXCEPT YOURS!!! You have developed THE FINEST ON THE MARKET! Perfect cloth, perfect specs, perfect fit, they HOLD ONTO THE MASK PERFECTLY, and best of all THEY WORK!!! :>) ACCOLADES TO YOU AND MY HIGHEST RESPECT! FINALLY I HAVE FOUND AN HONEST COMPANY MAKING AN HONEST PRODUCT TO PERFECTION! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You get the Dr. Acker "You Done Good Award!"”
- Dr. Acker, MD, Texas

"I really like the material and adhesive tabs which help with proper sealing and keeping the liner correctly positioned when turning and moving my head during the night."
- Ron, OH

"I can honestly state that this is the most comfortable liner I have ever used and I have probably used them all."
- Mike, VA

"Brad loves the liners 🙂 He really likes being able to sleep better and not irritate his face! Thanks!!"
- Brad and Julie, NE

"This product worked tremendously on my husband's air leaks with his mask!"
- Ruth from North Carolina

"...they work wonders. I would recommend these to anyone using CPAP."
- Dale & Lueretta from North Carolina

"Without your product I'd have to give up on my CPAP. My mask would leak and make so much noise but your product fixed all that!"
- Carl from Oregon

"I'm very pleased and delighted... the Sticky Tabs work beautifully. I'll be using this product as long as I'm around!"
- Norman from New Jersey

"Thank you for this excellent product. Without it I would not be able to use my CPAP machine every night."
- Wilma from Michigan

"I love the Sticky Tabs. Those little tabbies work great!"
- Judy from Illinois

"It's the best thing on the market. It's an excellent product. You've got me for a customer!"
- Harry from California

"I wear my mask all night long now, and it doesn't leak!"
- Roger from Michigan

"Soft, really comfortable."
- Chris from Michigan

"You're making a lot of people happy!"
- Mary, Medical Equipment Store Manager, Michigan

"Your comfort seal liner has made it possible for my husband to sleep in his own bed because it has eliminated erratic noises ... I'm a big fan and have told the staff at my sleep clinic how great it is."
- Catherine from Washington