Reducing Mask Discomfort

Reducing Red Pressure Marks & Discomfort During CPAP Use

Whether you’ve used continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for years or are putting your mask on for the first time, one of the common issues you may experience is general discomfort during use or lingering red marks afterwards. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the solution is a CPAP mask liner from Silent Night.

Other CPAP Mask Problems

Here are just a few of the scenarios where Silent Night liners are beneficial:

• Mask Tension – While you’ll want your mask to be secure, especially when you toss-and-turn, different models can quickly become uncomfortable. By developing our liners with cushioned Micro Pillow™ Fabric, our products provide a comfortable dispersion of the surface pressure from your mask. With our cushioned liner and enhanced seal, less strap and headgear pressure is necessary, reducing the risk of nose bridge sores!

• Moisture & ‘Rain-Out’ – Once moisture and saliva builds up in the mask or condensation accumulates in the hose, the slightest movement can result in a torrent of liquid across your lips or face. Not only can this be unsettling, but it’s also a health concern for users who are already struggling to attain restful sleep due to sleep apnea and snoring. Silent Night’s CPAP mask liners wick moisture away from you and your mask, providing the confidence that you won’t have an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the night.

• Unsightly Red Marks – Similar to marks that occur when wearing glasses for extended periods, many models of CPAP masks can leave evidence of prolonged usage. With our cushioned Micro Pillow™ Fabric, surface pressure from the mask is distributed. Also, the super sealing properties of our liners allow many users to reduce their headgear pressure, further limiting red marks and allowing you to wake up looking good and ready to face the world!