Update Related to COVID-19

Silent Night Comfort Seal Liners® are made entirely in the USA in an FDA registered facility. At this time, we are not anticipating interruption in manufacturing or fulfillment of Silent Night orders. However, although we are shipping timely, some of our orders are experiencing delivery delays due to COVID-19, so standard delivery times may vary. As we learn of further developments affecting shipment of Silent Night products, we will keep you updated on this website. For the safety of our customers and employees, we are temporarily suspending returns during this unprecedented time. Purchases made during the COVID-19 crisis will not be eligible for return. We do remain committed to making sure our customers receive the customer care and attention they deserve. Should you experience a problem with your liners, please contact customer care at 231-598-9377. We appreciate your understanding. For more information, view our:

Letter to Our Customers COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Thank you and God bless you, our families, our communities, and this great nation.

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Silent Night Comfort Seal Liners® for CPAP, APAP & BiPAP Masks


  •    • Micro Pillow™ Fabric Technology - The Micro Pillows™ are designed to act as a series of barriers to significantly reduce air leaks.
  •    • Antibacterial/antimicrobial fabric is treated to prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria and fabric deterioration caused by mold and mildew.
  •    • Easy to handle fabric designed to resist curling and forms nicely around the mask.

User Friendly

  •    • Secure the liner to your CPAP mask using repositionable Quick Stick™ tabs.
  •    • Adjust the positioning of the liner by simply removing and reapplying the Quick Stick™ tabs.
  •    • Keeps mask cleaner and reduces mask cleaning time.
  •    • Remove the liner for mask washing and re-attach for use.


  •    • Moisture within the mask is wicked away by the liner.
  •    • The risk of developing unsightly facial pressure marks from using your CPAP mask may be reduced.
  •    • Soft, cushioned fabric improves nose bridge comfort.

Monthly Packages

Starting at $24.95!

A monthly package consists of 4 reusable liners.

Each liner lasts 6-8 days.

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Full Face Liner

Silent Night Nasal CPAP Liner
Nasal Mask Liner

05a - AmaraView Liner - Blue BG
Minimal Contact Liner

FitLife Small Liner
FitLife Liner

We offer four different styles of CPAP Mask Liners:

  • Full Face Mask Liners – With Full Face masks, the size of the liner is generally the same as the mask size. For example, most Full Face masks are available in sizes small, medium, or large. Silent Night Full Face liners are also available in small, medium, or large. Use our Full Face Fit Guide to find the correct size liner for your CPAP mask.
    • U.S. Patent Nos. D849,236; 8,365,733; and 10,357,626; other patents pending.
  • Nasal Mask Liners – We have designed a “one-size-fits-all” liner for nasal masks. Use our Nasal Fit Guide to see how well our liner will fit your mask.
    • U.S. Patent Nos. 8,365,733 and 10,357,626; other patents pending.
  • Minimal Contact Liners – This “specialty liner” is also “one-size-fits-all” and specially designed to fit the Amara View, AirFit F30 and DreamWear Full Face masks.
    • U.S. Patent Nos. 8,365,733 and 10,357,626; other patents pending.
  • FitLife Mask Liners – This liner is designed specifically for the FitLife "total face mask." Just like the mask it comes in sizes small and large/xl.
    • U.S. Patent Nos. 8,365,733 and 10,357,626; other patents pending.
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,744,974