Mask Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper CPAP Mask Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining proper hygiene while treating any health ailment is important, and this is especially true when it comes to your CPAP therapy. Because of the number of hours spent wearing your mask, it is utilized more than many pieces of medical equipment. This makes it critical that you clean your mask on a regular basis and in accordance with your manufacturer’s instructions.

Tips & Mask Liner Benefits

CPAP mask cleaning is important but it is also time consuming. Using a Silent Night liner may improve the cleanliness of your mask and may even help save time with cleaning. Below are a few CPAP mask cleaning tips, and benefits of using a Silent Night liner, which may save you time and effort.
• Silent Night Liners Keep Your CPAP Mask Cleaner – Silent Night liners are made with fabric composed primarily of naturally absorbent fibers. Instead of moisture collecting and drying inside the mask, the Silent Night liners work to absorb moisture, allowing the air flow of the CPAP machine to wick the moisture away…. keeping the mask cleaner.
• Cleaning Wipes – For time-saving and convenience, mask wipes can be great for a quick cleaning of your mask. A wipe can be used without removing the Silent Night liner from the mask… this saves even more time!
• Wipes and Water – Performing a quick clean up with a wipe, in tandem with a periodic washing with mild soap and water, can save time and keep your mask clean. Please Note: We recommend removing your liner from the mask prior to washing the mask with water. Masks should be cleaned in accordance with the mask manufacturer’s instructions.