About Our Liners

Liners that Fit Great and are Easy to Order

Silent Night liners are innovative and effective, yet easy to use… and easy to order.

full face mask liner

  • Full Face Mask Liners – With Full Face masks the size of the liner is generally the same as the mask size. For example, most Full Face masks are available in sizes small, medium, or large. Silent Night Full Face liners are also available in small, medium, or large. So it’s easy, just pick the liner size that matches your mask size.
  • Nasal Mask Liners – “one-size-fits-all”.
  • Amara View/DreamWear Mask Liners – This “specialty liner” is also “one-size-fits-all”.
    • FitLife Mask Liners – These “specialty liners” are offered in “small” or “Large/XL”, which corresponds with the FitLife mask sizes.

To verify sizing, look up your mask model in the mask fit guides below:

Full Face Fit Guide

Nasal Fit Guide