Solving CPAP Mask Problems

Unfortunately – it’s common for CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP users to encounter problems that lead them to discontinue their treatment. We’ve found that many of these issues can be resolved with the use of Silent Night’s mask liners.

Visit the resources below to learn more about solutions to these common CPAP mask problems:

1. Sealing CPAP Mask Leaks – It’s impossible to maximize the health benefits of CPAP, BiPAP, or APAP therapy if there are significant leaks around your mask. Our liners are made of a proprietary Micro Pillow Fabric™ which is designed to function as a super sealing gasket. This helps reduce leaks and allows you to follow your doctor’s recommendations each night - all night! (Learn More)
2. Reducing the Risk of Developing Red Facial Pressure Marks - Our gasket style liner offers an excellent seal allowing many users to reduce their headgear or strap pressure. By reducing headgear pressure the risk of developing unsightly facial pressure marks may be reduced. Our soft, cushioned and comfortable liners also distribute the remaining pressure across a wider surface area, further reducing the risk of developing undesirable facial pressure marks. (Learn More)
3. Reducing Nose Bridge Sores From CPAP Masks – Over-adjusting your mask creates tension that causes unattractive, and sometimes painful, nose bridge sores. This problem is similar to wearing prescription glasses extensively. Our cushioned liners are designed to improve nose bridge comfort and may reduce the risk of nose bridge sores. (Learn More)
4. Improving CPAP Mask Hygiene – With CPAP therapy it's important to keep your CPAP mask clean. By using a Silent Night liner, your mask stays cleaner and cleaning time is often reduced. (Learn More)
5. Improving CPAP Mask Comfort – Quality sleep is hard to achieve when your CPAP mask is uncomfortable. Silent Night’s comfort seal liners help you maintain the restful slumber that is vital when you are undergoing CPAP therapy. (Learn More)
6. Liners That Stay In Place – A CPAP mask liner that moves around during sleep or falls off when you remove the mask is frustrating and not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Our Quick Stick™ Tabs secure the Silent Night liner to the mask. Our liners stay in place during use. Even when you remove your headgear, our liner will stay attached to the mask and be “ready to go” when you return to bed. Even if you leave the machine running, our liner will stay attached! (Learn More)
7. Liners That Fit – Silent Night Liners are designed to be a great fit for the vast majority of CPAP masks on the market. With simplicity in design and sizing it is easy to select and order the right liner for your CPAP mask.

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