Keep Your CPAP Mask On

Fewer Leaks & Improved Comfort

A common problem among CPAP users is the need to frequently adjust their mask in an effort to minimize leaks and improve comfort. Because each individual has a unique facial structure, an “off the shelf” mask may be uncomfortable and frequently leak. At Silent Night, we’ve utilized our years of experience with CPAP therapy, as well as feedback from CPAP users, to create mask liners for addressing these common problems.

Wearing Your CPAP Mask All Night

Wearing the CPAP mask all night is important for proper CPAP therapy. However, between the discomfort of silicone against a person’s face, moisture build-up and noisy leaks, it is understandable why people want to abandon their CPAP therapy in the middle of the night, or abandon their therapy permanently! The solution is a Silent Night Comfort Seal liner. Improved comfort and reduced leaks can help users wear their mask all night. Silent Night liners may help users comply with their doctor recommendation CPAP therapy.

Here’s how it works:

• Faces are Unique - A soft, cushioned liner provides the proper interface between the mask and the user's face. Silent Night liners are made with natural cotton, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel…. much nicer than the feel of silicone!
• Gaskets Work - Silent Night liners function like a high tech gasket. The Micro Pillow™ Fabric Technology is designed to reduce leaks while adding softness and comfort.
• Moisture Relief - The Silent Night liners naturally absorb and wick away moisture that would otherwise collect in the mask. Sweat buildup between the users face and the silicone of the mask may also be reduced by using a Silent Night liner.
• Less Headgear Pressure - With the enhanced seal provided by the Silent Night liners, users are able to reduce their headgear pressure which leads to more comfort and a better night’s sleep.
• Micro Pillow™ Fabric Technology – Without a proper seal around your mouth and nasal area, air can escape your CPAP mask. Those leaks mean that you may not be maximizing the health benefits of treatment. This is crucial, as medical studies illustrate that a lack of oxygen during sleep leads to a host of health risks.

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