Ken from Washington had this to say about Silent Night CPAP liners:

The mask provided by the BiPAP vendor was terrible. Totally impractical at the pressures my doctor prescribed. Instead of improving my sleep, my BiPAP was making it worse. It was also making my wife’s sleep worse! Before I stumbled across your liners on the web, I tried all kinds of products, gel masks, liners, etc. and finally started making my own contraptions from foam plastic in attempts to improve the seal. It took me five to ten minutes each night to attach my modified mask to my face – and it only worked some times.

And when I first saw the Silent Night Liners on the internet I thought, “this looks like just another cloth liner – and they’re expensive.” It was the written testimony that made me give it a shot. The guy who wrote about his experience sounded just like me.

From Night Number One everything changed… I threw all the other junk I tried away.