ResMed AirFit F10 Mask – Where do I attach the Quick Stick™ tabs?

We recommend one of three different options for attaching the Silent Night liner to the AirFit F10 series:

  • Option 1: Attach the upper Quick Stick™ tabs directly onto the inside of the harness attachment wings. See IMAGE 1.
  • Option 2: Attach the upper Quick Stick™ tabs directly underneath the harness attachment wings. See IMAGE 2.
  • Option 3: Separate the Harness Frame from the Inner Shell according to the Manufacturer’s instructions. Attach the Quick Stick™ tabs of the Silent Night liner to the Inner Shell as indicated in IMAGE 3. Reassemble the Shell and Harness Frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions. See IMAGE 4.

Option 3 provides an excellent and secure fit, however, be careful to not damage your mask during disassembly and reassembly of the mask. Pursue this option at your own risk. Although these parts are designed to be separated and reconnected, improper or repeated disassembly and reassembly could cause the parts to wear out or break.